Monday, December 7, 2009

Last full day on Rip Van Winkle*

So, I started this blog in August of 2008 when I started grad school at The University of Georgia. My mom wanted to know about the goings on of her "grandpuppy." Today, I finished packing up all my stuff in my apartment and tomorrow it will be loaded into a truck to move back to NC. On December 17th I will receive my Master's of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication! I am going to be moving in with a friend in Athens (Icky's mom) for a week so someone can take over my amazing apartment. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog, and it will continue, so don't fret people who love to see the ridiculousness of my dog! It went so fast!!!

*The road I lived on in Athens has a pretty epic name already, but my friend Cody has renamed it Rip Van Winkle Drive.


Gloria said...

Merry Christmas!

SueMo said...

Congratulations!I am happy for you and your intended. Dex will have double the love.